Score Match - Credit Cards by FICO Score

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What is Score Match? It's is a on-line program to allow users to enter a FICO score and find recommendations for hundreds of credit cards.

Where can I get more information or options? Advanced features and information can be found at Finance Globe's official Score Match program where you can use the program free of charge and without registration.

Will this program guarantee my approval? No. However, FICO scores are normally a significant factor for issuers to use when considering credit approval. Financial institutions may approve applicants based on several criteria. These may include employment history, recent inquiries, credit utilization ratio, household income, and other vital factors.

Do I have to register or commit to anything by using Score Match? No. Unless you apply for a credit card, you are not bound by any obligation by using the program.

I don't know my credit score, can I just find a credit card without using this tool? Yes, Finance Globe lists more than 600 credit cards.


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